Private Coaching

Work with me one-on-one for personalised attention to finesse your messaging, work on your presentation skills and stage presence or prepare for an upcoming gig.

We can also work on your interview technique and personal brand so you can congruently 'show up' in the world authentically, confidently and potently.

That's the juice of private coaching ... we can work on whatever you want to!

Angela Richardson, CEO
Eucalypt Consulting

"I felt comfortable in small groups, but large audiences seemed too big of a step - too anxiety provoking. I reached out to Cat because, with a lot of other competing priorities and stresses in my life, I need extra support to get me through my first large audience speaking opportunity.

 Thanks to Cat's coaching, a huge weight has lifted. I KNOW I can do large audiences. I know how to prepare, I know how to engage with the audience in an authentic way.  And I got through that large audience gig without my nerves overwhelming me.

Through the process I learned I should aim to be myself and not try to "pretend" to be someone that I think the audience expects.  

I would recommend Cat to anyone who wants to take a leap into public speaking. Cat provides an excellent framework, process and guides you through to delivering an engaging and authentic speech."

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