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The ability to speak with confidence & authority is the MOST valuable professional skill you can have

But most people struggle with their speaking confidence ...

they get nervous and tongue-tied,
they think aloud and ramble or
they simply feel like an imposter.

But, here's the thing ... 

Speaking is a skill, not a talent

Which means it can be learned!

It's not about natural abilities, charisma or 'born-with-it-confidence'.

Everyone can learn to speak with confidence and present with impact.

What are you waiting for?

Hi, I'm Cat Matson, and I have been speaking, presenting and facilitating (professionally) for 25 years. In fact, I started my ‘persuasive speaking’ career in high-school, when I joined the debating team.

Over the last ten years I have become known as one of Brisbane’s favourite panel moderators, facilitators & MCs. I designed and facilitated Brisbane Innovate, believed to be the world’s largest open innovation program, where I’ve taken audiences of 400+ on design thinking journeys (let’s talk about engagement, transformation and compliance at scale!)

I am one of the MCs and moderators for Brisbane's digital festival,
Something Digital, and I moderated the monthly panel discussions for Networx Brisbane for 5 years ... when I stood down they replaced me with 3 moderators to share the load!

And I have been invited to deliver keynote presentations, MC events and participate in panel discussions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Daejon and Auckland.

It's time to find your voice

Do you want to keep staying silent despite having  valuable things to say?
Are you happy passing up opportunities to speak and passing up opportunities to grow your business, or progress your career?

I didn't think so!

Change all that now

  • Learn to speak with confidence and authority
  • Discover how to articulate your key messages so you can use them anywhere, any time
  • Learn how to facilitate the change you want to see in the world, one conversation at a time

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