I attended my first residential personal development program when I was 16. Think the highest of production values with precision logistics and concert-style sound systems and you've got the picture.

I've since been unofficially in the events industry my entire career. This includes managing a conference centre (for real, asking me about boxing table-cloths!), being part of Global Cafe, a side event to G20 Brisbane in 2014 and helping to create Something Digital, QLD's innovation festival in 2018).

I know what makes some conferences 'pop' and others flop.

When you engage me as MC, panel moderator (or participant) or keynote, I will do EVERYTHING I can to help your conference POP.


A good MC keeps things running to time and keeps the audience ‘in the know’ about what’s happening.

An awesome MC though does way more … connecting the dots between speakers and sessions and facilitating connections that leaves attendees saying, ‘wow, that was an awesome conference’.

I’m an awesome MC 😊

Why? Because connecting dots is my super power in life as well as on stage and I’ve been working large rooms for more than 20 years. 

Panel Moderation

Moderating Panels is my wheel-house!

I built my professional reputation in Brisbane moderating the panel discussions EVERY MONTH for Networx, Meetings for Marketers, for five years.

I love nothing more than sparking ideas and creating space for ‘a-has’ in a panel discussion, showcasing the expertise and wisdom of the panellists while delivering an engaging, interactive session for the audience.

I'm not the least bit interested in a panel where each panelist delivers a monologue in turn, rather, I facilitate rich, juicy conversations among peers with plenty of audience Q and A and interaction.


In a maket of celebrities, I'm on the W-List (Who?!?!).

In the field of sporting personalities ... does front-lawn yoga count?

But if you'd like a relatable, educational and conversational keynote that can both keep your audience awake after lunch or the morning after the big dinner, AND deliver awesome value, then I'm your girl!

Topics are customised to suit your audience, conference themes and to amplify your other speakers.

Recent topics include:

  • The Imposter In The Room (the reality of Imposter Syndrome and How To Overcome It)
  • How To Speak with Impact (and Win More Customers); and 
  • Authentically Speaking - talking your way into the hearts of your customers
Women In Local Government Conference
Audience Feedback

Keynote: The Imposter In The Room

  • "Cat was a fantastic speaker and it was nice to receive validation on this and coaching on how to navigate"
  • "So bloody good! The first time I have seen a definition and a tool to help combat it. Loved the brag bag and how to show up with your story."
  • "Very engaging. I'll be taking this one back to the team meetings to discuss and personalise for them."
  • "I learnt new things. Very engaging."
  • "Captivating speaker - made me think how far I've come in my career journey"
  • "Incredible, empowering and funny."

Conference Presenter Training

If you're running a conference where you're showcasing subject matter experts who aren't experienced or professional speakers, offering my speaker training sessions can REALLY uplevel their confidence, and your audience experience.

Sessions can be run entirely online or in person and will incorporate your conference outcomes and any key messaging.

Past attendees have raved about the value they got from these sessions, and my conference organiser clients have seen a massive 'up-levelling' of speaker confidence (and less speaker management required at the 11th hour).

Shall we chat?

Let's make this easy (because gosh, that's how I roll!)

Email me (cat.matson[@]
or book a time to chat.