*** EVERY TIME ***
Without Losing Your Words or Your Audience ... 

... even if you get nervous, feel like an imposter or struggle to distil your message succinctly

Stop Rambling or Losing Your Words and 

Speak with Clarity, Confidence and IMPACT

(even if you are paralysed by nerves or go mentally blank when put on the spot)

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Learn the simple 3-step process to End-the-Ramble and speak with more Authority, Authenticity and Impact.

Learn how to gather your thoughts, take people on the journey and hit your key points, every single time you speak.

This is for you if you ...

  • need to communicate to progress your career or grow your business
  • blurt with emotion rather than gathering your thoughts
  • tend to talk forever, thinking aloud rather than nailing concise points
  • get too excited, tripping over your words or losing your train of thought all together
  • become 'waffle-central' when it comes to 'performance time', even though you were great during practice

We Now Have The Tools To Carefully Curate Our Message

"I just wanted to personally thank you, from the whole team,  for all your guidance throughout the Impactful Presenters Program.

 We see the positive impact everyday, allowing us to quickly build rapport and influence positive social change.   We now have the tools to carefully curate our message by narrowing it down to the top three things we want them to take away from the discussion.  

From fireside chats to keynotes at large conferences, this has allowed us to bring our whole audience with us on the placemaking journey.

Brooke Williams, Director, Fourfold Studios

The ability to speak with confidence & authority is the MOST valuable professional skill you can have.

But most people struggle with their speaking confidence.

They ...

  • get nervous and tongue-tied
  • think aloud and ramble, or
  • simply feel like an imposter

But here's the thing ...

Speaking is a SKILL. Not a talent.

Which means it can be learned!

It's not about natural abilities, charisma or 'born-with-it confidence'.

EVERYONE can learn to speak with confidence and impact.


I Have So Much More Confidence

"I have so much more confidence even with a very short Earn-The-Right. 

I have been amazed at the difference it makes to the conversation flow.

This course is brilliant!

Peta Chapman, Land Access Coordinator, Telstra

Hi, I'm Cat ... 

... and I've been speaking, presenting and facilitating for more than 25 years. But not in a boring, rigid or even rah-rah way. In an authentic, natural, grounded and connected way. In fact the most common feedback I receive on those post-event survey forms is “I love how real and approachable Cat is”.

My speaking career started at school, on the debating team, where my favourite debating position was third speaker negative; in other words, minimum prep but maximum impact required. Then I spent 5 years working with probably the most challenging audience you can imagine; young people. And not compliant young people, but young people who were disadvantaged, dancing with the juvenile justice system and who were thought to be ‘unteachable’ and ‘un-tameable'. Turns out EVERYONE can learn and grow if they have good teachers who know how to connect with them.

But the bulk of my career has been in ‘professional circles’; business coaching, moderating panel events, delivering keynote speeches and leadership roles in the public service.

I've facilitated what we believe is the largest design thinking exercise with 450 people workshopping ideas for civic impact and on a regular basis I have to present what could otherwise be boring AF reports to Council in an interesting and engaging way to inspire action and decisions.

My ability to speak with passion, confidence, authenticity and authority, to audiences of 1 to thousands is EASILY the most powerful skill I have in my professional toolkit. And it is the 'secret’ to what others see as a career of significant leadership, impact and success.

FREE Resources

The Speaking with Confidence Podcast provides quick, juicy and practical tips to boost your speaking confidence in professional and business environments. Each episode is less than 15 mins and is based on my real life experience in business and public sector environments as well as the challenges faced by my clients. Subscribe on your favourite podcast app or watch the video recordings here.

The Speaking with Confidence Facebook group is both the companion group to the podcast as well as a free coaching group for business owners and public servants who want to improve their speaking and presentation skills. Head on over to ask questions, get advice, brainstorm messaging for an upcoming project and hang out with like-minded people. Join here and say 'hi'