Speaking With Impact Workshop

Speak with Confidence and IMPACT 

Learn how to collect your thoughts and land your message. Every time.

(even if you get tongue-tied, ramble or freeze when all eyes are on you)

FREE and LIVE 3-Part Online Workshop Series
Tuesday 30 April - Thursday 2 May

Let me guess ...

  • you've got fantastic ideas .... BUT when it comes to presenting them, you have too many words, and too many tangents
  • you're great in casual conversations ... BUT when the spotlight is on you, you freeze, lose your words or ramble
  • you're as smart, experienced and knowledgeable as your peers (perhaps even more) ... BUT you're left wondering 'why not me' when they get the promotions, accolades and reputation boosts!

Join me for this FREE and LIVE workshop series to discover how to deliver a memorable message, in any environment, so that people listen and take note

(even if you think out loud, talk in circles, or the thought of speaking in public scares you sh**less).

Clear, Relatable and Actionable Advice ... 

It's Been Game-Changing!

"Just wanted to quickly let you know I use the short and sweet Earn-The-Right everyday to explain my job and how I help!!!

It's been game-changing for the type of work I do 😊"

Brandon McIntosh, Local Government Leader

The Most Fun You've Had At Your Desk In Ages!

  • 12 noon – 12.30PM, AEST
  • Tuesday 30 April - Thursday 2 May

3 days of goodness ...

  • 12 – 12.30 PM, AEST
  • Tuesday 30 April - Thursday 2 May

+ LIVE Attendance Bonus

🤩Each day one lucky attendee will win a one-on-one coaching session with me!🤩
Valued at $250!
🤩 Attend LIVE to win 🤩

And YES! Each session is recorded. Registered peeps will get the link each day.

Over the three days you’ll learn:

  • The key to professional success and influence (and how you can get it)
  • How to stop rambling, talking in circles, thinking out loud and drowning your audience in all.the.things
  • How to calm your nerves, even when put on the spot.
  • My powerful ‘Earn-The-Right’ framework that gives you credibility and authority in ALL contexts (not just speaking) without sounding arrogant and full of yourself.
  • The blueprint to speaking with confidence, authority, authenticity and impact.

If we haven't met yet ...

Hi, I’m Cat ... 

... and I’ve been speaking to, influencing and leading people my entire career. My entire life, actually.

Really diverse audiences, in fact, like;

>> long-term unemployed youth to small business owners;
>> rambunctious bucks nights to politicians and their advisors;
>> audiences of one to audiences of thousands

I have mastered the skills of communication, influence and holding people’s attention.

The ability to speak, to get and hold your listeners’ attention and then to move them so they think, feel or act differently is THE MOST powerful and therefore valuable professional skill you can have.

The awesome news is … it’s a SKILL. Not a talent. Which means it can be learned. Yep. It’s learnable. And I'll show you just how learnable it is in this free, 3 part workshop series

"To Show So Much Info In Such A Short Time Is Mastery"

"Wow Cat. You're a star!

What an awesome presentation - to show so much great info in such a short time is mastery, and to demonstrate with such presence and autenticity.

Thank you 😊"

Anne Maree Wishire, CEO, Vibrant Voices

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When you think of your effectiveness as a speaker - in meetings, when presenting or pitching, in videos or on stage - what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem you struggle with?

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- Cat

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