Stop Rambling or Losing Your Words and 

Speak with Clarity, Confidence and IMPACT

(even if you are paralysed by nerves or go mentally blank when put on the spot)

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Learn the simple 3-step process to End-the-Ramble and speak with more Authority, Authenticity and Impact.

Learn how to gather your thoughts, take people on the journey and hit your key points, every single time you speak.

This is for you if you ...

  • need to communicate to progress your career or grow your business
  • blurt with emotion rather than gathering your thoughts
  • tend to talk forever, thinking aloud rather than nailing concise points
  • get too excited, tripping over your words or losing your train of thought all together
  • become 'waffle-central' when it comes to 'performance time', even though you were great during practice

... and what I also like is these new skills are not only for presentations. To be used for any and all meetings and I have some important ones coming up, so this will put me in good stead for those too.

Joanne Harding-Smith
Owner, Maverick Travel

Hi Cat, I'm starting to like using these post-it notes! I can see how getting clear in my mind what each of my framework components / stories are will help allow for a more authentic discussion.
Helen Froling
Identity Empowerment Coaching

I delivered my presentation this morning. It went well, perfectly timed and I was happy with the pacing. I didn't practice it as I wrote my 3 points minutes before the event started.

Toni Raso
Lead Bid Writer, A Better Bid

Discover the frameworks that helped Joanne, Helen and Toni stop rambling and speak with more impact

Hi, I'm Cat ... 

... and I have been speaking, presenting and facilitating  for 25 years.

The world needs to hear from more diverse voices ... and I'm tired of intelligent, thoughtful and clever people not being heard simply because they don't have the confidence of those who appear to have the 'gift of the gab'.

So, I'm committed to teaching managers, leaders and change-makers how to speak with confidence and impact so they can be heard, influence decisions and make their dent in the universe.

Over the last ten years I have become  one of Brisbane’s favourite panel moderators, facilitators & MCs. I designed and facilitated Brisbane Innovate, the world’s largest open innovation program, where I took audiences of 400+ on design thinking journeys to solve wicked civic challenges (talk about engagement and transformation at scale!)

In my day job in local government, I have fine-tuned, through hard-earned experience, the ability to influence decisions, one conversation at a time.

Since 2020 I have taught more than 500 managers, leaders, business owners and change-makers how to stop rambling, find their words and speak with confidence, authority, authenticity and impact.